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Because of two reasons:

  1. The marketing side of me says I have to.

  2. Rebecca is tired of listening to my bee ideas. I need an outlet.

This is not a typical honeybee blog. Y'all know how amazing bees are. And if you follow our social media (especially Instagram) you've probably learned a lot. And you can Google, YouTube, and read everything there is to know about bees. And there are countless, resourceful bee blogs out there. This is not one of them.

I'm going a different direction.

Have you ever thought about what it takes to run a honey bee business? Sure, you have to have some knowledge of beekeeping. But that's only half. Really, not even half. We could buy the honey from a supplier. Slap our label on it. Done. Who wants to read that?


We want to show you how the accounting gears and the creative pistons keep the Bee 901 Co. engine running.

This blog takes you into our hive where ideas are born. Read about the struggles and successes of running a non-profit honey business as a side hustle. See where ideas either take flight or crash. Think of this blog as an "inside the office" look at Bee 901 Co.

  1. Learn why it's essential to be financially responsible and creatively bright at the same time.

  2. Discover how we balance Bee 901 Co. with our 40-hours-a-week jobs.

  3. Read about how crucial long-term planning is from financial, creative, and beekeeping standpoints.

Don't worry. I'll keep these blogs short. One of thing I've learned in advertising is to keep things brief.

"Write as if your audience has to pee."

Kevin Woods Creative Director & Beekeeper

Kevin Woods
Creative Director & Beekeeper